Construction, Engineering and General Machinery experts since 1965

Our History

General Machinery Ltd was incorporated in Uganda in March 1965 with the main purpose of developing agricultural mechanization through provision of agricultural tractors, implements and related after sales needs.

The second role was to import and distribute construction machinery both for Road construction and sundry site development.

Thirdly, the company was a motor vehicles distributor for passenger cars, trucks and buses. Later on the activities were expanded by the addition of water drilling, supply of pumps and piping installations, steel fabrication and galvanizing, then the marketing installation and maintenance of diesel generators.

About the Group

All operations are steeped in environmental, health, and safety as a priority in an effort to making a difference in life. The Group comprises of independent business entities with suitable management expertise placed at the helm.

Palle MoellerFoundation

PMF is the group's corporate social responsibility branch as society demands that our business practise is ethical, and cognizant of the needs of others in society. Each company within the group makes an annual commit in assisting to improve and change lives.

Members of the trust are prominent Uganda practitionars able to imbue our staff with insights relating to community aid and worthy projects. All cases of group involvement are vetted and approved by the Trustees.


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